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Bank Loans and How to Qualify for One

Want to make a big purchase, but don’t have enough money to pay for it in full? Bank loans are a great solution, for many different types of purchase or needs. Types of Bank Loans There are a lot of different reasons you may apply for a bank loan. Some of the most common types… Read More »

Credit Card Debt Loans – Your Options

Credit card debt builds up for many reasons. Sometimes you have unexpected expenses (the car broke down on the way to the dentist) and sometimes your income suddenly drops (the sale commission didn’t come through or extra hours were cut down). No matter what the reason, using credit cards to make ends meet is definitely… Read More »

Online Unsecured Loan Pros and Cons

You need to borrow some money, right away, but aren’t sure where to turn. You may do a search online, looking for a loan. If you do, you will find many types of loans online. Your credit rating is a key factor in finding the right lender for personal loans online. Good Credit Loans Online… Read More »

Tips on finding the best new car loan.

Buying a car is exciting. It’s usually far more exciting to buy a car than it is to finance the car. However, finding the right financing for your car purchase can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. That is why it’s very important for you to know where you can… Read More »

Fishing for Unsecured Personal Loans

There are good reasons to take unsecured personal loans, but make sure that you are the right candidate. The great majority of unsecured personal loans are marketed to borrowers with bad credit. Be wary of being lulled, hook line and sinker, into a loan that only increase your debt problems. That is not to say… Read More »

Get a Loan With Bad Credit

Let us start with the good news first: It is possible to get a loan with bad credit. Now the bad news: It is not easy to find a loan with bad credit, and cost of bad-credit loans is high. This article describes bad credit, how to get and where where to find bad-credit loans,… Read More »

Pent-up Demand Packs a lot of Mortgage Opportunity

I’m selling my house. No, I’m not trying to turn MGIC’s blog into craigslist or Zillow. My posts on MGIC Connects are still aimed at providing mortgage professionals ideas to increase their business. Today’s tip: I’m selling my house. We’ve wanted to sell our home for a while. We’ve lived there for 12 years —… Read More »

Social Media Secrets for the Savvy Loan Officer

Social media was recently touted as the most efficient marketing channel, which got me thinking about a lot of questions I get from loan officers who are consistently concerned about time, but also about expanding their customer base. So I thought it may be beneficial to discuss some of the social media secrets savvy loan… Read More »

Want to Close More Loans? Help Borrowers Find Financial Stability

I know, I know: You’re a loan officer, not a financial advisor. But maybe, just maybe, you’re actually both. Consider prospective first-time homebuyers. They want to buy a house, and you want to help them secure financing in a responsible fashion. You know what it takes to get that done in today’s market — but… Read More »