Meek Mill Warns Against “Narcissists” After Nicki Minaj Revealed Abuse History

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Meek Mill Warns Against “Narcissists” After Nicki Minaj Revealed Abuse History


The female rapper claims to have been in an abusive relationship.

Nicki Minaj surprised some of her fans with snippets of her upcoming documentary titled after her last studio album, Queen. In the clips, the artist recalls her history with abusive relationships. She starts with her witnessing her parents fights and continues on to reveal that she had experienced a violent relationship as well.Although she hadn’t named the person in question, there are three people who have come to her fans’ minds: Meek Mill, Safari and Nas. While Safari and Nas haven’t commented on her revelations directly or otherwise, it seems like Meek Mill may have something to say.

Shortly after Nicki’s documentary teasers were shared, Meek Mill posted an unusual message. A screenshot of a text warns against the tactics of narcissists and sociopaths.

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Meek doesn’t provide much information about his intention with this upload. His caption simply states, “Lol.” Based on the comments section, his fans speculations focus on Nicki Minaj.

“When cornered, they’ll lash out by claiming that THEY are the real victim. Their story will detail your drinking problem, depression, low-self-esteem, financial woes, etc., thereby gaining the sympathy of their fan club. Meanwhile, YOU will be isolated & confused while this aggressive campaign transpires. And when you emerge, the trap will have been set.”


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