Beyonce & Kelly Rowland’s Mysterious Joint Album Reportedly A False Alarm Alex Zidel

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Beyonce & Kelly Rowland’s Mysterious Joint Album Reportedly A False Alarm Alex Zidel

The cryptic Instagram page apparently has nothing to do with Beyoncé. Beyoncé is a fan of sharing hints with her fans before surprising everyone with an album out of nowhere. It’s sort of become a thing for her as she rarely makes music announcements these days. The singer’s joint project with Jay-Z as The Carters arrived when nobody was expecting it and the same approach was taken with Lemonade. Bey did tease Lemonade by posting a few photos of lemons before the album dropped in 2015 so fans consistently speculate about what she’s up to by finding the most minute of details in her posts. People were getting all riled up over a mysterious Instagram account that was followed by TIDAL last week, seemingly teasing a new music video and song from Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland. It turns out that it was all just a false alarm though, crushing all of our dreams once again.

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According to The Fader, the account has nothing to do with Beyoncé and it may have been set up to troll the heck out of her fans. The publication notes that the snippet being shared is actually from Yoncé’s “Grown Woman.” There may still be a chance that the Rose IV You page is connected to an upcoming project but it appears as though we’ve all been duped by the Queen again.Hopefully, a collaborative effort between Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland comes out in the future but as far as the next few months go, we’re not expecting much.

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